Ognyan Minchev: Borissov Will Foot the Bill for Governing the State under Dogan’s Auspices

Ognyan Minchev: Borissov Will Foot the Bill for Governing the State under Dogan’s Auspices

Both GERB and Borisov are just another partner of the ethno-corporate pyramid MRF, who are about to pay the bill for the last 11 years of management under the patronage of Ahmed Dogan, (as usual), political analyst Ognian Minchev commented.

Minchev’s position comes after the announcement of MRF that it will not support GERB for submitting a draft new constitution and convening the Grand National Assembly.

GERB’s first reaction came from Deputy Prime Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva, who said she was not surprised by the MRF’s decision. In the next hours until the start of the parliamentary season on September 2, GERB will check whether it can collect 120 signatures. The coalition council of the government will then decide how to act, Zaharieva explained.


„The snake in the Seraglio must strip off its other skin, the coat with which it has masked its reign. I have no proof, but I have an increasingly strong feeling that agreements in this direction have already been made, “ Ognyan Minchev says.

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There may be many reasons and interpretations as to why the Seraglio abandoned Borisov in his proposal to convene the Supreme National Assembly and adopt a new constitution. For me, the focus of the explanation falls on the well-known fact that GERB and Borisov are another partner of the ethno-corporate pyramid MRF who will have to foot the bill for the last 11 years of governance under the patronage – as usual – of Ahmed Dogan. Today, the center of Sofia is blocked by civil protests, which are increasingly focused on demanding one resignation – that of Boyko Borissov. They also demand Geshev’s resignation, but without often remembering or insisting on it. Nobody wants Dogan’s resignation – the Godfather has nowhere to resign from.


Boyko Borissov flexibly tried to avoid the fate of his predecessors – Philip Dimitrov, Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha,  Sergei Stanishev – who paid the bill and drained their glass of their coalition cooperation with the MRF. To this day, Borissov has refused to form an open coalition between GERB and the MRF and – perhaps too naively – believes that by burrowing his head in the sand, his wheel and deal with the Seraglio becomes invisible. On the contrary. The Seraglio has been under the full flow of European funds, public procurement and the vast corruption through which the oligarchic machine of the present government has been operating for a decade. Money – power – money prime… The Falcon’s (Dogan’s) greed is notorious even for a bird of prey, and Seraglio’s tumor metastases have suffocated all the state’s major public institutions. This is obvious – visible to everyone. If in the last 30 years the power center of the backstage is designated by more or less abstract names such as „mafia“,“oligarchy“, etc., today, the direct connection between the conquered state and the power pyramid of the backstage has 2-3 specific names…


Today is the time of yet another metamorphosis. The lizard has to cut off its tail again by presenting it as its „head“. In the protest square, the spotlights and microphones are focused on Boyko Borissov. Lobbyists of major oligarchs rarely mention other names. Only the leader of the DB Hristo Ivanov mentions the name, deeds and documents of Ahmed Dogan – others do not dare to mention „the name of the Lord“. Haven’t the oligarchs got along behind the scenes? Won’t Boyko Borissov himself try to take part in the deal – to negotiate his resignation against guarantees not to be disturbed in the future?


For 30 years now, Bulgaria has been sinking into timelessness thanks to the oligarchic mafia success to negotiate a series of rituals for changing political skin – UDF, NMSS, Triple Coalition, GERB, Oresharski, GERB… and to retain control over society and the conquered state. Today, another shed of another political skin is underway… Is it possible that someone stepped on the snake’s head before it changed to new skin?Back in that days, the revivalists sang „While the snake is tiny…“ It’s a big snake now, it’s insatiable… I’m not optimistic – not today as I am watching what’s going on. Once again.

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